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About Irving Student Support Services


The staff of Irving Student Support Center and I are excited and eager to get to know every student as we become active participants in developing a solid foundation to a wonderful beginning experience in their learning. I have a vested interest in contributing to our success as a school and a school district. There are some distinct core beliefs that drive the work that I do:


  • Kids are our CORE

  • Educators are our FOUNDATION

  • Parents, families, and community are our PARTNERS


Each stakeholder in this school community is working to instill a love of learning and achievement in each and every student. We seek to provide scientifically researched educational experiences to engage all learners. Student success is the ultimate goal of every staff member at Irving Kindergarten.


We urge you, the parents, to become involved as well. We welcome the cooperation of all of our stakeholders in reaching the goals of our school and our students. There are numerous ways that you can assist us in guaranteeing the overall success of our students:


  • Join PTA

  • Help in the classrooms

  • Attend school events

  • Read with your child each evening

  • Participate in Parent/Teacher conferences


On behalf of the Irving team, I welcome you to a wonderful school year.


Irving Student Support Services

Special Education Director

504 Coordinator

ADA Compliance

Lynette Carter

Our History

Irving is one of the oldest schools in Blackfoot. It was a Kindergarten Center for over 30 years. Irving is now the Student Support Services center for Blackfoot School District. We have offices for: school psychologists, speech and language therapists, audiologist, nurses, Gifted and Talented program, and special education. We also house the Vaughn Hugie Family Education Center (preschool).

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